Mangrove Restoration, Coastal Clean-Up, and MusiKalikasan – Iligan City

This past Earth Day weekend, Iligan City hosted a successful eco-friendly event focused on giving back to the environment and promoting peace. Held on Sunday, April 21st, 2024, at the mouth of Mandulog River in Santiago, the activity brought together the community for a morning of action and celebration.

The event offered two key environmental activities:

  • Mangrove Restoration: Participants actively contributed to the health of Iligan’s coastline by planting vital mangrove trees. Mangroves play a crucial role in protecting shorelines from erosion and providing habitat for marine life.
  • Coastal Clean-Up: Working together, the community helped remove trash and debris from the shores, keeping Iligan’s beautiful waterways clean.

Beyond the environmental focus, the event also featured a special “MusiKalikasan” concert. This musical celebration of nature and peace featured performances by Iligan’s beloved ethno-rock band, Himig-Piglas, known for their songs “Kinaiyahan” (Nature) and “Gasa sa Kinaiyahan” (The Strength of Nature), alongside the IMCC Kapagintaw Cultural Band.

The event aligned perfectly with Iligan City’s Development Goals (IDGs) for a healthy environment, strong tourism industry, and vibrant cultural scene. Specifically, it aimed to:

  • Celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) and recognize the importance of environmental protection.
  • Engage a large group of citizens (2,000 participants) in a climate change mitigation activity.
  • Raise awareness about environmental protection and the importance of peace within the community.
  • Foster collaboration between the Iligan City People’s Council, barangays (villages), and the city government.

This successful event demonstrates Iligan City’s commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. By combining environmental action with music and celebration, the event encouraged residents to play an active role in protecting their beautiful city.

See the event unfold from above!

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