Manolo Fortich at Golden Hour

Imagine Manolo Fortich bathed in the warm light of sunset, the rolling hills like a fiery painting! As a drone pilot, I recently got to see this magical sight for myself, and let me tell you, it was incredible.

Taking Flight at Sunset

My secret weapon for capturing this beauty? My drone, the DJI Mini Pro 3! It’s small and easy to fly, but takes amazing pictures. Soaring high above Manolo Fortich, I could capture everything – the rolling farmlands, the mighty Mount Kalatungan, and even the town itself, all bathed in that golden glow.

See Manolo Fortich Like Never Before!

Check out these amazing drone photos! You’ll see Manolo Fortich transformed by the sunset, with fiery colors painting the sky and the landscape below. The drone lets you see the town in a whole new way, showing how nature and houses mix together.

More Than Just Pretty Pictures

These pictures aren’t just beautiful, they capture the peaceful feeling of Manolo Fortich. It’s a world away from the busy city life!

See the Magic for Yourself!

Manolo Fortich is a dream for anyone who loves nature and beautiful sights. If you’re ever in Bukidnon, don’t miss your chance to see this amazing place, especially during sunset. And if you have a drone, bring it along to capture your own unique view!

What’s your favorite thing about Manolo Fortich? Have you ever seen a breathtaking sunset there? Let me know in the comments!

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