Kitaotao Unveiled: A Drone Flight Above Light & Clouds

Kitaotao, nestled in the heart of Bukidnon, lives up to its name in every way. Derived from the Cebuano words “kita” (to see) and “otaw” (light), it translates to “to see the light.” And see the light you will, with this exhilarating drone ride over this picturesque area, revealing its stunning features bathed in a luminous glow.

Soaring Above the Emerald Tapestry

Imagine yourself soaring high above Kitaotao’s rolling green hills, the lush landscape stretching out before you like a vibrant tapestry. Our drone captures the essence of this rural paradise, showcasing emerald fields dotted with quaint houses and farms.

A Dreamy Encounter: The Sea of Clouds

Now, let’s get ready as the journey will take us higher and higher. The panorama that opens before my eyes is an immense expanse of fluffy white clouds stretching out to infinity creating a kind of dream-like landscape. In the course of our filming a drone we caught Kitaotao seemingly buried in an ocean of ever-growing clouds.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Winding Roads

Leaving the sea of clouds behind, we continue our journey. Gaze down upon the intricate network of roads that snake through Kitaotao’s valleys and climb its gentle slopes. From above, these roads transform into ribbons of connection, weaving between farmlands and charming villages, offering a unique perspective on the region’s infrastructure.

Beyond the Scenery

These captivating drone photos offer more than just a visual spectacle. They capture the essence of Kitaotao – a place where rural life thrives, connected by these winding roads that serve as arteries of commerce and community.

See the Light for Yourself

Kitaotao truly lives up to its name, inviting you to “see the light” – both the breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the vibrant life that unfolds along its roads. Perhaps these photos will inspire you to embark on your own adventure to discover the magic of Kitaotao and experience the warmth of its communities firsthand.

Here at Leandrones, we’re captivated by Kitaotao’s charm. I hope this drone trip has really piqued your curiosity in discovering Bukidnon’s hidden gem. Keep an eye out for more escapades in the course of which we will explore further into the marvels of the region!

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